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H2O #107: In Which We Discuss the Lesbian Sacrifice and the Man of Steel

THE 100 and THE WALKING DEAD have done it — the lesbian sacrifice. But is it part of the “Bury Your Gays” trope? Or is it just another version of a trope that’s been around since the beginning of storytelling? And what’s up with Zack Snyder’s version of Superman?

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The Rogues Get More Answers from Bob Rozakis (pt.2)

_______________ Part two of a special Rogues Gallery, with guest Rogue Bob Rozakis, former Director of Production at DC Comics

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Comic Book News — COMIC CON CARNE — Vol. 2, Number 17 (Dec 2013)

This issue: new projects from Valiant, Image, IDW, DC, Marvel and more! Plus, news on the movie universes — MAN

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SDCC: Event Video

We scoured the Interwebz to collect a boatload of video from Comic Con International in San Diego. Panel video, interviews,

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