Recap: SciFi4Chicks Wants the Physician to Heal Thy Selfie on iZOMBIE

Can Liv solve this case without a crime brain? Will her one vision be a cold shower on her new romance? Will Major find a way out from the rock/hard place he’s put himself in?

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Recap: SciFi4Chicks Fears the Hurt Stalker on iZOMBIE

Episode 208 “Hurt Stalker” [photos: Diyah Pera/The CW] After a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, the chicks take a

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SciFi4Chicks Gives Thanks for Women of Genre

Women of Genre is about the female characters of some of the Chicks favorite genre books, movies, TV shows and

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SciFi4Chicks Returns to iZOMBIE for a Triple Shot

Episode 205 “Love and Basketball” Episode 206 “Max Wager” Episode 207 “Abra Cadaver” Time for a little theater of the mind…

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SciFi4Chicks Does an iZOMBIE 2-fer with Real Dead Cowgirls

Episode 203 “Real Dead Housewives of Seattle” Episode 204 “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues” With double the vacations

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