Is J.J. Abrams the OVERLORD of the CLOVERFIELD Universe?

First CLOVERFIELD. Then “The Cellar” aka 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE. Now “God Particle” aka untitled CLOVERFIELD film. What will OVERLORD become?

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Rey Theories, Mark Hamill Death Hoax, and More! — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XXXXIII

The latest STAR WARS speculations and ruminations, including new theories about Rey’s parents, the campaign for Mark Hamill’s Oscar nod, new toys, and more!

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H2O #119: In Which We Discuss Chewbacca Mom, Donald Trump, Animal Videos, and Coffee

In this episode, we discuss Candance Payne, also known as “Chewbacca Mom”, and her instant rise to fame and notoriety. Plus Mr. Harvey opines briefly about Donald Trump. And we talk about finding a good cup of coffee.

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Take a Peek at STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Bonus Features. You’ll Thank Us!

THE FORCE AWAKENS is out on home video. And it’s packed with extra features. Behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, interviews with cast and crew.

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In this first episode of the new year — and an extended one at that — we finally sit around

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STAR WARS Awakens to Stellar Box Office Numbers

UPDATE 12-23-15: Lucasfilm’s juggernaut has passed another milestone, earning $37.3 million on Tuesday to become the fastest film to cross

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