to provide the genre community objective and accurate news
and well-reasoned opinions without malice or prejudice.

Ten Years Into the Future

SciFi4Me.com began March 23, 2009, quietly covering the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres with an all-volunteer staff. We deliver news, reviews, interviews, discussion, and analysis of current events in the genre and fandom communities. The original concept was to deliver a multi-purpose web site that could serve as fandom’s television station, movie house, newspaper, radio station, and community center. While the focus and plans have changed somewhat over the years, our dedication to our readers has never wavered.

A New Mission, New Focus

At our core, we’re fans just like you, and we also appreciate the fact that you don’t like to be treated poorly or unprofessionally. That’s why we make sure our news coverage is as accurate and objective as possible, while our opinion pieces are clearly marked as such.

Because you deserve better.