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Kepler Finds Earth-ish

April 17, 2014



NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope — tasked to search space for Earth-type planets — may have found the closest match this week. Designated Kepler-186f, the planet is similar in size to Earth, and more importantly, it orbits its star within the “habitable zone” — the sweet spot distance where liquid water might pool on the surface […]

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ARROW Makes It All About the Hood

April 17, 2014


The Man Under the Hood

Episode 219 “The Man Under the Hood” [photos: Alan Zenuk/CW] Oh, Arrow writers, you tease us. After giving us a short-ish fight between Isabel and Oliver a few weeks ago, we get an even more truncated combat scene in this episode, thus making fans salivate even more for the inevitable showdown we all know is […]


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