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Convention Weather Watch October 16, 2014:

Supernatural_SN1003a_0028 October 19, 2014
Cold and Colder. October 19, 2014
ARROW101514a October 18, 2014
Doctor Who (series 8) ep8 October 18, 2014
Featured Gotham 1.4 Penguin cannoli October 17, 2014
StarWarsRebels102-4 October 17, 2014

JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS Release Date Announced

October 16, 2014



The movie that happened so quickly you almost missed it now has a release date. Jem and the Holograms, announced with fanfare just five weeks before the beginning of principle photography, will hit theaters October 23, 2015. The Universal movie, based on the Hasbro animated series that ranĀ  follows a young woman who finds pop […]

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