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Doctor Who 8.1 Clara hugs Doctor August 30, 2014
Featured_GreatestAmericanHero August 29, 2014
Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor #2 August 29, 2014
Defiance - Season 2 August 28, 2014
Featured_H2O_SHS August 28, 2014

FALLING SKIES: Wuv…Twoo wuv…

August 27, 2014



Episode 409: “Till Death Do Us Part” [photos by James Dittinger/TNT] We start with our core group of survivors discussing the green light that Tom and Hal saw at the end of last episode and the effect moonlight apparently had on Espheni technology.  It turns out it is really wireless power transmitted from the moon […]

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NEW COMICS 8.27.14

August 26, 2014



[via Previews World]     [Comic Shop Locator]     [Comic Book Flea Market] New Comics Wednesday is upon us once again! Don’t miss out on this week’s releases. You will want to pick up this week’s latest releases soon! Dark Horse brings us Pop and Sundowners, while Image delivers Wayward — among other new titles. For your convenience, we’ve marked […]


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