SciFi4Chicks: Black Widow and the Challenge of the Female Hero

The Chicks discuss Black Widow and her place in solo movies, Netflix, toys, and more. Does she deserve her own stand-alone place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Roundup: SDCC Day 3 – Comics

  As with most conventions in the genre community, Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con was replete with activity. And as

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Pascale Finds “The Buffy” of Joss

Joss Whedon: The Biography Amy Pascale Chicago Review Press, 448 pages Biography Hardcover, $29.95 There’s more to Joss Whedon than

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The Massive Marvel Movie Memo [UPDATED]

This is going to be a rather extensive examination of everything Marvel — official news, rumor, suspicions, and speculations. Strap

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In Case You Missed It: Book Month is Almost Over

What’s that saying? “Time flies when you’re having fun.” And it seems that August has just zipped by at a

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The Summer of Marvel — LEVEL ELEVENTY-SEVEN 27

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on hiatus, but there’s still plenty of Marvel material to discuss — X-Men: Days of

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