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GOTHAM Goes Rogue – And It Works

September 23, 2014


Episode 101 “Pilot” It’s not Gotham Central, but the new Batman-lite prequel Gotham should stand up on its own. The word “rogue” will probably get overused with regard to a show about Batman’s turf, but it really applies to these characters in many ways — Gordon the rogue “good cop”, Fish Mooney the rogue crime […]

NEW COMICS 9.24.14

September 22, 2014


Here’s this week’s list of titles hitting the shelves (assuming the trucks run on time and your local comic shop ordered them…). All of the number one issues and volume one collections are marked LIKE THIS TO MAKE THEM EASY TO FIND. Plenty of Future’s End #1 issues this week, and a new G.I.Joe title […]

We Dodged a Bullet with HIGH MOON

September 20, 2014


I get it. A lot of people are crazy-ga-ga over Bryan Fuller because of Pushing Daisies. OK. Let’s set that aside and just look at the mess that is High Moon. Because it’s a mess, folks. Based very loosely on the 1969 book The Lotus Caves by John Christopher, High Moon basically takes a few […]


September 19, 2014


In a deal finalized last night, CBS has given a series commitment for Supergirl. Produced by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family), the new series is said to have been given a commitment larger than what Fox gave to Gotham. If that’s the case, it shows CBS has a great […]

NASA Gets Back in the Space Race

September 18, 2014


In a press release dated September 16, NASA has announced that American astronauts will once again (finally) be traveling to the International Space Station by way of American technology. Boeing and SpaceX have been contracted to transport U.S. space personnel to and from the ISS, using the CST-100 and Crew Dragon spacecraft, respectively, with a […]

DEADPOOL Will Be Your Valentine in 2016

September 18, 2014


The Merc with the Mouth is finally getting his date. According to The Hollywood Reporter, February 12, 2016 is the day Wade Wilson will hit theater screens in the long-awaited Deadpool. The project has long been gestating at Fox, dating back to Wade’s first appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which many fans (and now, it […]

H2O: In Which We Discuss DC Comics And How They Might Get TV Right

September 18, 2014


Ah, DC Comics. We love to take pot shots, but that’s only because we really want you to get it right when it comes to adapting for filmed media. And while the movies still seem to be missing the target (your mileage may vary), it does appear that at least in the realm of television, […]


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