ROGUES GALLERY #50: Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Episode 50! Our discussion of the DC Comics television shows takes us to Earth-38 and the Flarrowverse as everyone takes the Stupid Pills this week… Plus: Aquaman, BLACK LIGHTNING news, and Vertigo’s legacy at… IDW?

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ROGUES GALLERY #33: The Return of GOTHAM and The Fall(?) of Zack Snyder

The Rogues are back with this first episode of the new TV season – is GOTHAM still a train wreck? Can Geoff Johns save DC Films? What does Dustin think of Tyler Hoechlin in that supersuit?

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ROGUES GALLERY: Supergirl Moves, Warner Brothers Shakes

This episode, we discuss the official news that SUPERGIRL is moving to Vancouver and The CW. And the big news is the shakeup at Warner Bros. and the beginning of the DC Films era.

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ROGUES GALLERY: Panic at the DC Disco? And Whither SUPERGIRL?

The rogues discuss rumors of a creative shake-up inside Warner Bros. and the DC movie universe, along with the possibility that Supergirl could find herself on another network for season two.

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ROGUES GALLERY: Comparing #BatmanVSuperman and #SupergirlXTheFlash

The Rogues take on BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and the “Worlds Finest” episode of SUPERGIRL. Fun? Well, one of them was…

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H2O #107: In Which We Discuss the Lesbian Sacrifice and the Man of Steel

THE 100 and THE WALKING DEAD have done it — the lesbian sacrifice. But is it part of the “Bury Your Gays” trope? Or is it just another version of a trope that’s been around since the beginning of storytelling? And what’s up with Zack Snyder’s version of Superman?

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