Roundup 12.2.11 – MAN OF STEEL

Now, some of this may be older news, but we thought we’d just compile it all here and you can go through it (again or for the first time) at your leisure. So, let’s dive in.

Image from the movie's Facebook page


Think McFly Think reports that WB is already looking for writers to pen the sequel to Man of Steel, even though production hasn’t even wrapped yet. The short list includes Travis Beacham an Lawrence Kasdan.


Just Jared, Oct. 12 – photos of Henry Cavill and Amy Adams on the set of Man of Steel

Crave Online, Oct. 13 – shots of a hairy, shirtless Henry Cavill in a scene some have speculated is prior to Clark Kent donning the blue tights

Hollywood Hills, Oct. 20 – a photo of Ayelet Zurer on location in Vancouver. Zurer plays Lara Lor-Van in Man of Steel, but she’s not in costume here, so it’s unclear what she’s doing in Vancouver

Just Jared, Oct. 25 – more photos of Cavill with his shirt off, this time on a green screen set, although Cavill has said, “That’s only one sequence, a small sequence in the movie.”

And here’s video from that shoot, which includes a Coast Guard helicopter:



Collider, Oct. 19 – Russell Crowe discusses a fight scene he has in his role as Jor-El

Latino Review, Oct. 24 – Micheal Shannon talks about Zod, what’s different from the Richard Donner version, and the Phantom Zone.


And here, Shannon talks with Digital Spy about the fight scene with Russell Crowe:


Henry Cavill, who mentioned that his performance was informed partly by the Red Son alternate-universe story, talks about putting on the suit here:


And he talked with the Los Angeles Times about playing the icon, including the difference between Superman and Clark Kent and his approach to playing each. More on the Red Son influence, too.

What does “Lois and Clark” star Dean Cain think about Cavill as the new Last Son of Krypton? Head over to On The Red Carpet to find out.

Speaking of Clark Kent, Cooper Timberline has reportedly been cast as Young Clark. This, according to the movie’s Facebook fan site. At this point, is hasn’t been confirmed. [Superman Super Site]

While Amy Adams told “Access Hollywood” how working alongside the physically impressive Cavill was a bit “distracting”.

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