Internships is always on the lookout for fresh talent — writers, bloggers, reporters, video producers, podcast hosts, etc. — and our volunteers are involved at many levels of experience.

As part of our efforts to provide opportunities to learn and grow in media, SciFi4Me offers several internships for motivated college and high school students looking to gain experience (and credit hours) in a media-related field.


Internships Currently Available:

Video Production

This internship is geared toward students in a mass communications, TV, film, or broadcast journalism field of study. Most of the work centers around production of our news programs and interview segments, with the possibility of adding narrative fiction work to the mix if the right project comes along.

You’ll get a chance to work with Adobe Creative Suite, Audacity, video conferencing tools, livestream software, and other video tools in the course of producing content for the site. We also record panel videos, reviews, and sometimes a simulcast when we record podcasts. We’ll also produce promos, which will be used in various places to generate more site traffic.

Experience is helpful, but not absolutely necessary, in any of the following areas: news copywriting, advertising, video production, photography, screenwriting, broadcast news production.

Audio Production

Interns in this track will concentrate on the production of our podcasts, live radio programs, news segments, and field reports produced for inclusion in our news podcast. We’re also looking to expand into radio theatre, which would give you a chance to mix narrative stories complete with music and sound effects.

Gear we use: Adobe Creative Suite, Audacity, Sound Forge, audio recording gear, online conferencing software, and more. You’ll gain experience both in-studio and on location.

Experience in these areas would be recommended, but not required: audio production, radio training, screenwriting, broadcast copywriting, acting, sound mixing/engineering.

Public Relations & Social Media

You like to brag? You like to share? We have several social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and who knows what’s next — and we need to stay on top of keeping people informed on what we’ve got going. This connects with our press releases and publicity materials we generate for conventions, comic book shops, and other media — as well as planning our own appearances at conventions.

Skill set that would come in handy: event planning, social media management, public relations, advertising, copywriting, graphic design


If you want to be a journalist to help change the world… well, uhm… not here.

This is the bread-and-butter internship, where you’ll do more and get paid less. You’ll write articles using a variety of source material, you’ll repackage information from press releases, you may even interview the occasional celebrity or author or two. Plus, you’ll get the chance to pen opinion pieces — recaps of TV shows, reviews of movies and books — and depending on how that goes, you just might get your own beat.

But we won’t beat you.



So there we have it. If you’re interested, we’re interested. Take a moment to collect your thoughts, contain your really over-the-top excitement, and contact your internship supervisor today! We’ll coordinate with your university (or high school) to make sure you get the proper credit so you get the proper grade. We have some very interesting opportunities just around the corner, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

Just send us an e-mail and let us know from whence you hail and the area that you fancy. And remember:

“Go to College,
Stay in school,
If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread,
they can sure make something out of you.”

― Muhammad Ali

And for those who might be interested in helping but aren’t in school, we’d still like to hear from you!

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