ROGUES GALLERY #40: Alex Comes Out, Gordon Comes Back, and Oliver Throws Back

This week, the Rogues get further into a discussion about Alex’s arc on SUPERGIRL, analysis on ARROW’s dive back into season one, and how Captain Barnes channels Dredd on GOTHAM. Plus: shenanigans at the White House!

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Recap: THE FLASH Sees Magenta, Jessie Sees Red, and Wally is Blue

One week closer to Wally getting his powers from Alchemy. In the meantime, Flash faces off against a Purely Functional Character who has to move the plot from point A to point B.

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DC on TV: New Characters for the New Season

Here’s a roundup of the latest news about the DC Comics television fare. GOTHAM, SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, ARROW, and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW all have major changes coming.

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THE FLASH Visits Earth-2, With Mixed Results

Most weeks, THE FLASH does a really good job swinging for the fences. But every now and then, they hit a pop-up fly ball that might or might not be caught by the outfielder. This two-part episode is a mixed bag of really cool Easter eggs and really dumb decisions.

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ROGUES GALLERY #26: DC Comics On Screen — Multiverse or Multimess?

This week: the Rogues discuss all the bad decisions made by our titular heroes. And no one is immune from having their moments of “duh” this week.

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THE FLASH Gets Timey-Wimey With a Twisted Origin Story

Episode 211 “The Reverse-Flash Returns” Welp. So much for Aaron Douglas making another appearance as the Turtle… Barry (Grant Gustin)

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