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ROGUES GALLERY #40: Alex Comes Out, Gordon Comes Back, and Oliver Throws Back


This week: more Kim Novak action on Gotham. Is she playing Nygma? And what’s up with Barnes channeling Judge Dredd? All this as Jim Gordon officially returns to the GCPD (again).

Meanwhile, over on Supergirl, more progression for Alex as she discovers more about herself than she realized, and to get there we totally under-utilize Maggie Sawyer as a Function Character rather than giving her any dimension at all… The Flash took the week off, but there are some photos and rumors out there. Arrow continues to vibe the first season, with an episode that leaves us with a red herring at the end. And Legends of Tomorrow gives us shenanigans at the White House!

[su_audio url=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/scifi4me-radio-rogues-gallery-1e4979dfe/ROGUES-GALLERY-40-Alex-Comes-Out-Gordon-Comes-Back-and-Oliver-Throws-Back-5d2f”]

The panel: Ann Laabs, Kathryn Sanders, Dave Margosian, Jeff Hackworth, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt




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