Recap: The LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Meet the Justice Society. And They’re Jerks.

The LEGENDS OF TOMORROW meet the legends of the past, as our time travelers team up with the Justice Society to go toe-to-toe with Nazis.

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Recap: The LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Save Time By Messing Up Time. Check.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is back with a most comic-book-y episode involving Nazis, King Louis XIII of France, Green Arrow, and kidnapping Albert Einstein.

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ROGUES GALLERY #24: It’s Origin Week on DC TV, and Gotham Gets Fishy

A new episode of Supergirl gives us the much-anticipated origin story for J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter. And is genocide

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THE FLASH Gets Timey-Wimey With a Twisted Origin Story

Episode 211 “The Reverse-Flash Returns” Welp. So much for Aaron Douglas making another appearance as the Turtle… Barry (Grant Gustin)

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