San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Oscar Winner Brie Larson Joins MCU as Captain Marvel

Beloved Marvel superhero Captain Marvel stars in a solo feature film, played by Oscar-winner Brie Larson. Will Black Widow move from supporting player to star in Marvel Films “Phase Four” slate of films?

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H2O #110: In Which We Discuss Prince, ScarJo, the New Companion, and More AXANAR Victims

Our discussion covers the loss of Prince, the blowback against GHOST IN THE SHELL, more fallout over the AXANAR lawsuit, and the new companion on DOCTOR WHO.

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ROGUES GALLERY #26: DC Comics On Screen — Multiverse or Multimess?

This week: the Rogues discuss all the bad decisions made by our titular heroes. And no one is immune from having their moments of “duh” this week.

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ROGUES GALLERY #21: Restarting the Season

Supergirl is already back from the break, and we have thoughts on that, plus new information about Gotham, The Flash,

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HEROES REBORN: A Hot Mess Or the Start of Something Great?

  Episode 1 “Brave New World” Episode 2 “Odessa” Heroes: Reborn opens, in traditional Heroes fashion, with multiple storylines, tangentially

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