ROGUES GALLERY #52: Snobs, Songs, a Sellout, and a Slog

This week, the Rogues deliver a non-musical episode #52 (DC’s favorite number) with a discussion about the FLASH musical episode, relationships and reset buttons, and the way ARROW is just not watchable anymore.

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Dreams Die First? Really, BATES MOTEL, in White Pine Bay many things (and people) have died before dreams – starting with Keith Summers, Zack Shelby and Miss Watson way back in Season One.

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STAR WARS REBELS Travels the Jundland Wastes Lightly

STAR WARS REBELS finally delivers the episode everyone’s been hotly anticipating: the final confrontation of two mortal enemies who have been locked in a death spiral since the first prequel film. Does it deliver?

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HIDDEN Cars, Homemade Cakes and a Nervous Norman on BATES MOTEL

Max Theriot (Dylan) goes behind the camera as director for this episode of BATES MOTEL. Norman’s secrets are still safe, but like Jim Blackwell’s Lincoln, they’re not very well “Hidden.”

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POWERLESS Warms Up to “Cold Season”

POWERLESS meets a cold season, but how will Emily have to deal with Teddy’s cold shoulder after she goes behind his back with his new invention?

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