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ROGUES GALLERY: Comparing #BatmanVSuperman and #SupergirlXTheFlash


It’s one of the most anticipated moments in superhero cinema: finally seeing Batman and Superman together in the same movie. Add Wonder Woman to the mix, and you have box office gold, right? Well, at least for the first weekend. Second weekend seems to have been hit with kryptonite a bit…

Is Batman v Superman a great movie? No. Is it entertaining? Is it decent? Is it worth seeing? Debatable. And we debate it as we discuss the finer points of things we liked (not much) and things we didn’t like (a whole lot).

On the flip side, there’s this “Worlds Finest” episode of Supergirl that aired last week, and we finally got the hotly anticipated appearance of The Flash, as Grant Gustin jumped universes (and networks) to team up with Kara Zor-El against Livewire and Silver Banshee. And it was a lot more fun.

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The panel: Sonya Rodriguez, Jeff Hackworth, Thomas Townley, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt




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