POWERLESS Floats to the Top in “Sinking Day”

It’s Van vs. Van this week! Corbin Bernsen guest stars as Van Senior, upset because Van Junior lost a huge account! Pow! And Emily comes to the rescue with an idea for a new Big Fish Client! Bam!

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Is GOTHAM A Mad City?

GOTHAM returns for its third season with an episode that catches everyone up and launches a new madness on the city, all at once. And Mr. Hackworth has a theory about that long-haired copycat…

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ROGUES GALLERY 11: Reaction to SDCC TV News

  As we detailed in our Day 3 report, there was plenty of news on the television side following San

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SciFi4Chicks Knows That in GOTHAM, There’s No Hope for Losers

  It’s Gotham’s season finale, and SciFi4Chicks ends our season of podcasting with a super-sized installment! It’s big and shiny, and as ranty

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SciFi4Chicks Is Ready To Kill The Messenger on GOTHAM

After last week’s rant-filled installment, things calm down a little on SciFi4Chicks Gotham podcast. Which, as Alex puts it at one point,

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GOTHAM Sends In the Clowns for SciFi4Chicks Podcast

_______________ Gotham delivered a solid episode this week with “The Blind Fortune Teller”, which left us unimpressed and wanting something

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