ROGUES GALLERY #34: SUPERGIRL Is Better With John Williams, and GOTHAM Is… Gotham

The Rogues discuss the second episode of GOTHAM’s current season, with all the crazy that’s part of it, and look forward to the return of the Arrowverse/Berlantiverse. Or in other words… the good shows…

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Is GOTHAM A Mad City?

GOTHAM returns for its third season with an episode that catches everyone up and launches a new madness on the city, all at once. And Mr. Hackworth has a theory about that long-haired copycat…

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ROGUES GALLERY 11: Reaction to SDCC TV News

  As we detailed in our Day 3 report, there was plenty of news on the television side following San

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SciFi4Chicks Knows That in GOTHAM, There’s No Hope for Losers

  It’s Gotham’s season finale, and SciFi4Chicks ends our season of podcasting with a super-sized installment! It’s big and shiny, and as ranty

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