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SciFi4Chicks Knows That in GOTHAM, There’s No Hope for Losers


It’s Gotham’s season finale, and SciFi4Chicks ends our season of podcasting with a super-sized installment! It’s big and shiny, and as ranty as ever.

In fact, we like to think of this podcast as our very own version of Four Weddings and a Funeral, but in this case it’s “Four Rants And a Breather”. Oh yes, gentle listeners, the Rantpocalypse is back! Time to dust off your badges and brace for the impact.

Not you @thedrewpowell, never you! You’re brilliant and everything we could wish for. Come to think of it:

let me love you

Tune in as we discuss scene placement, lazy writing, inconsistencies and (once again) female characters. We can’t get over certain characters not coming back in season two and the whiplash we got from people changing their minds for no reason. The title of this podcast is “No Hope For Losers” and all hope is gone on SciFi4Chicks, as we struggle to remain cautiously optimistic about season two. Does this make us the losers from the title? Do we care?

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.

What about you? Do you agree with us? Do you want to argue? Are you looking forward to season two of Gotham? Should SciFi4Chicks continue with our podcasts about the show? Let us know! Join the discussion in the comments or on social media of your choice (hint: Twitter)!

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