POWERLESS Warms Up to “Cold Season”

POWERLESS meets a cold season, but how will Emily have to deal with Teddy’s cold shoulder after she goes behind his back with his new invention?

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POWERLESS Finds Riddling Romance in “Emily Dates A Henchman”

POWERLESS meets The Boy Wonder, Robin…okay, it’s just Van in a Robin Suit will this lead to trouble? Also, Emily meets a new man, but who does he work actually work for, it’s a riddle!

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POWERLESS Floats to the Top in “Sinking Day”

It’s Van vs. Van this week! Corbin Bernsen guest stars as Van Senior, upset because Van Junior lost a huge account! Pow! And Emily comes to the rescue with an idea for a new Big Fish Client! Bam!

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POWERLESS Looks For The “Wayne Dream Team”, But Does It Find It?

POWERLESS has to deal with the nasty head of Human Resources, Will they become the “Wayne Dream Team”?

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POWERLESS: Will it “Wayne or Lose”?

The new DC Comics workplace comedy, POWERLESS, has finally premiered on NBC. Does it fly? Will it “Wayne or Lose” as the book says?

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