Still from 'Batman and Harley Quinn'. Image copyright DC Comics and used courtesy Fathom Events.
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Original Animated BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN Coming to Cinemas Monday

Get ready for another animated adventure of Batman on the big screen.

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Hyde Park International
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Film Review: THE FEMALE BRAIN Is A Great Sci-Rom-Com (LAFF 2017)

From the LA Film Festival: How does a woman’s brain work? How does a woman’s brain work when studying the brains of other couples to figure out relationships? Inquiring minds want to know about THE FEMALE BRAIN.

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Ghostbusters (2016) - Hello, Holtzman!
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GHOSTBUSTERS Good Fun, Childhoods Remain Unruined

The new GHOSTBUSTERS manages to preserve the spirit of the originals while being very much its own story.

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Burkittsville Cemetary, Burkittsville MD [image courtesy Acroterion via Wikimedia Commons]
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Retro Review: An Indie Movie That Blew Up

“You gonna write us a happy ending, Heather?” We revisit THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

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Ugh, look at this magical schmuck. Being all sparkly and crap. Where the hell do you get off, sir? [Courtesy qwerpy5485/DeviantArt.]
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LAST UNICORN Author Peter S Beagle Mentally OK, Heirs’ Lawyer Quits

Recent court action a huge win for LAST UNICORN author Peter S Beagle is the latest in a long and twisted saga. We break it down for you.

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ROGUES GALLERY: The Return of the Real Justice League? And DC on TV

This episode: the Rogues take on JUSTICE LEAGUE and the recent news from the set in London.

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"Woman In Peril" meets the Home Invasion horror movie in Intruder.
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Review: INTRUDER Brings Music, Madness, and Murder to Theaters

The individual elements don’t quite blend, but Stalker/Woman In Peril thriller INTRUDER does offer some highlights.

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