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Sony Prepares A Close Encounter Of The 40th Anniversary Kind

Sony prepares a 4K restoration of the OTHER classic SciFi movie released in 1977 – CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, complete with a Venice Film Festival premiere and week long US theatrical re-release.

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Brittany Allen
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Film Review: IT STAINS THE SANDS RED Flips Script On Zombie Flicks (LAFF 2017)

From the Los Angeles Film Festival: IT STAINS THE SANDS RED, a zombie flick that turns in a pretty decent zombie story.

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Gunpowder & Sky
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Film Review: Aubrey Plaza’s THE LITTLE HOURS Is An Absurd Delight (LAFF 2017)

The Little Hours (2017) Written by Jeff Baena Directed by Jeff Baena Produced by Elizabeth Destro and Aubrey Plaza 1

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Film Review: We Need to Talk About MY FRIEND DAHMER (LAFF 2017)

My Friend Dahmer (2017) Written by Marc Meyers (based on the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf) Directed by

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Hyde Park International
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Film Review: THE FEMALE BRAIN Is A Great Sci-Rom-Com (LAFF 2017)

From the LA Film Festival: How does a woman’s brain work? How does a woman’s brain work when studying the brains of other couples to figure out relationships? Inquiring minds want to know about THE FEMALE BRAIN.

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