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Still from 'Batman and Harley Quinn'. Image copyright DC Comics and used courtesy Fathom Events.
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Original Animated BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN Coming to Cinemas Monday

Get ready for another animated adventure of Batman on the big screen.

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Image from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". Photo by Paramount Pictures, and used courtesy Fathom Events.
Television & Film

WRATH OF KHAN Returns to Cinemas

Khan has his revenge again on the big screen 35 years later, thanks to Fathom Events.

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H2O #154: In Which We Discuss the Premiere of DOCTOR WHO

This week, we take a look at the premiere episode of the new season of DOCTOR WHO, as we prepare to bid a fond farewell to Peter Capaldi.

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Cinecast Review: Who is the Monster and Who is the Man?

This theatrical production of FRANKENSTEIN is a sad example of the hubris of man.

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Courtesy Fathom Events and ©DCComics
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No Laughing Matter: THE KILLING JOKE Coming To Theatres

BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE is coming to the big screen for one night only.

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