2024 N3F Laureate Awards Announced – and We Won!

The National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) recently announced the winners of the 2024 Laureate Awards, founded in 1941 to honor achievements in speculative fiction in both new and traditional media. These are the oldest awards in fandom, and are voted on by members of N3F.

Nominees were announced in the April issue of The National Fantasy Fan, one of the ‘zines published by N3F, and the winners were posted in the June issue.


Best Novel

  • The Demon’s Design by Christopher Nuttall
  • Good to the Last Drop by Declan Finn
  • The Innocent Sleep by Seanan McGuire
  • Our Share of Night by Marianna Enriquez
  • Promises Stronger Than Darkness by Charlie Jane Anders
  • To Spy a Star by Jonathan Nevair

Best Shorter Work or Anthology

  • Starlite Pulp #3
  • Simultaneous Times, vol. 3, ed. Jean-Paul Garnier

Best Editor (Tie)

  • Lida Quillen (Twilight Times Books)
  • Chris Kennedy (Chris Kennedy Publishing)
  • Jean-Paul L. Garnier (Space Cowboy Books)
  • Barb Caffrey

Best History of SF Work

  • 2023 First Fandom Annual “First Fandom Conversations”

Best Fan Writer

  • Heath Row
  • Joseph T. Major
  • Guy Lillian, III

Best Fan Editor

  • Joseph T. Major
  • Guy Lillian, III
  • Janice L. Newman

Best Non-N3F Fan Publication

  • Alexiad
  • Spartacus

Best N3F Fanzine

  • Tightbeam
  • Ionisphere
  • N3F Review of Books

Best Fan Website


Best None of the Above

  • Best example of how not to run fan awards: The 2023 Hugo Awards


Also announced: the winners of the Kaymar and Franson Awards.

The Kaymar Award is named in memory of K. Martin Carlson, who went by the fan name of Kaymar. Carlson originated, maintained, and financed the award for twenty-five years. The selection is made by a committee consisting of previous winners who review nominations submitted by N3F members. The award is given only once per recipient.

Kaymar Award

  • Tiffanie Gray

Originally the N3F President’s Award, the Franson Award was renamed in honor of Hugo nominee Donald Franson, who was active in both the N3F and the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, as well as the SFWA and the Professor Challenger Society. He was a longtime fan who co-wrote with Howard DeVore, multiple editions of A History of the Hugo, Nebula, and International Fantasy Awards.

This year’s Franson has been awarded to A.C. Cargill for her work improving the N3F web site, as well as SciFi4Me’s own Mr. and Mrs. Boss for the update on the FanActivity Gazette.

Franson Award

  • A.C. Cargill
  • Mindy & Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt (founder/EIC) is the author of the sci-fi novella "The Hero At the End Of His Rope". His short film "Species Felis Dominarus" was a finalist in the Sci Fi Channel's 2007 Exposure competition.

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