Farrington’s Chultan Expedition Log Entry #1

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My arrival in Baldur’s Gate was quiet and uneventful. After many days of travel with a small caravan, it was preferred to get in without much trouble as I’ve seen before in Waterdeep. I wasn’t here to take in sights or enjoy the local food. Food… Confound it, I was in such a hurry to leave the caravan that I forgot to grab a meal or two. My stomach gurgles, reminding me of my failure to acquire sustenance before travelling off on my own. An adventurer is always prepared and if I’m going to be one, I certainly need to focus on what is important. I hope my father’s journal gives me further insight as I head off for this expedition.

Ah, the Northern Wards. While there are many manors as large here as in Waterdeep, there is a certain rare majesty seeing so few of these micro mansions with nice sized lands to accommodate them. When I received my letter from the once-famous adventurer, Syndra Silvane, to come meet with her at her manor in Baldur’s Gate, I was ecstatic. Perhaps my studies in Anthropology have traveled to Candlekeep already.

I could not believe it. One moment I am sitting with a female Dragonborn—note to self: fantastic opportunity here to study a rare culture, be friendly—and Syndra Silvane, who now appears to look very sickly and hide behind numerous cloths. The next moment I felt as if my insides hit the floor and jumped back up into my body as we appeared in what I was told was Port Nyanzaru in the Northern part of Chult.



I don’t recall ever reading about anywhere as fantastical as this place. The smells of unknown foods linger much longer in this thick air and above the busy population I could hear the various roars of dinosaurs. My group had teleported all the way from Baldur’s Gate to here in an instant, and right on the harbor

– # –

We are to journey as a team into the unknown heart of Chult to find a cure for the ‘Death Curse’ that is afflicting not only Ms. Silvane but anyone who has ever been restored to life after death. I’ve always wondered the complexities of restoration magic along with the concept of death in one’s mind. We’ve always known that there are ways—albeit expensive—to bring those who have died back to life. From what I’ve gleaned from study groups, the dead must be willing and able to come back. The fascinating part of this idea is that after experiencing death in any form, violent or peaceful, one is still willing (most times) to come back and experience it again and again. Take, for example, a human who was killed in an ambush of orcs. The cause of death: a bloody oversized greataxe cleaving the body right through the gut—a little dark, but follow along. That human experienced absolute terror and shock in his final moments. Those images and memories don’t fade away if brought back to life. I could not imagine continuing life with something like that over me. I’ve been told the reason for my opinion is because I simply haven’t met that option personally. I think I always do a good job making myself clear but I’ll make myself clear to…. myself once more.

I do not wish to die.

I will avoid it at all costs. If I die, so be it. I’ve only lived for just over 18 years at this point and I know I’d like to continue living for many more. There is so much more I have yet to accomplish in Anthropology…. Right. Anthropology.

Quick notes about Chult as we traveled to Wakanga Otamu, a friend from her adventuring days and the Merchant Prince of Magic:

Chult is Amnian in its Imperialistic style. Merchant Princes control the majority of trade. For our very diverse group to be successful, I will work on building relationships with each adventurer. If my year spent studying goblins taught me anything, it would be that we all would need to use our strengths wisely to overcome much larger odds.

– # –

One final note: Although I know I have value in my own right, with all the dangers that were told to us that await in Chult, was there a reason all of us were picked in particular? I’m not strong, skilled at navigation, or even trained well enough in the Weave. I’ve been in Waterdeep almost my whole life and never really explored the idea of adventuring.  I suppose I’ll see the strengths of my expedition soon enough.


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