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Dragonmeet Organizes New Prize

The organizers of the Dragonmeet convention in the UK have announced a new prize to celebrate innovation in gaming.

Dragonmeet is a convention in the UK that celebrates tabletop gaming and all the forms that it has taken over the years. Dragonmeet has been going in its current iteration for the past ten years.  The organizers have decided to celebrate this with the Ian Livingstone Prize for Innovation in Games.

Sir Ian Livingstone is the co-founder, along with Steve Jackson, of a number of role-playing gamebooks. He’s also an entrepreneur and fantasy author, penning many stories within the Fighting Fantasy series. Livingstone also co-founded Games Workshop in 1975 and helped create Eidos Interactive in 1995. Moving into video games in 1993, Livingstone invested in Domark just as “it was all going flat.” He won a BAFTA Interactive Special Award in 2002 for outstanding contribution to the industry, was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2006 and Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2013.

This prize is meant to celebrate the innovations in gaming that have come around over the last ten years. The award is being adjudicated by Sir Ian and there have been many suggestions from the internal teams on nominees. So many, in fact, that the organizers have decided to open nominations to the public as well.

You are free to nominate anything that has inspired you in the world of gaming over the past ten years. I do mean ANYTHING as well. It can be a concept such as on demand gaming, or an intangible service such as Roll20. It can also be a product or games system; the only caveat is that it must have released in the last decade, and it must have inspired you in some way. Suggestions will be open until the end of September and then the shortlist will be sent to Sir Ian for the final say. The winner will then receive the inaugural innovation in games prize from Sir Ian at  Dragonmeet.

If you have an idea for a nomination, send it to before the end of the month. Who knows? Your suggestion might be the one that Sir Ian ends up picking.

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