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Concrete Genie Release Date Announcement

Concrete Genie, Sony’s next highly anticipated exclusive, finally has a release date after being delayed earlier this year.

Developer PixelOpus announced Concrete Genie will be available October 8. Sony first announced the game in 2017 and has been delayed twice.

Concrete Genie will have a standard edition and digital deluxe edition. The standard edition is $29.99, while the digital deluxe edition is $39.99. The digital deluxe edition comes with the game, a digital artbook, an in-game upgrade and a dynamic theme. Both versions of the game are available to pre-order on the PlayStation store.

[Photo courtesy of Sony]
PixelOpus also confirmed Concrete Genie will have a PhotoMode, like most PlayStation 4 exclusives. The Photo Mode will allow players to take time-lapses, videos and, of course, photos. For an artistic game such as this, it only makes sense Concrete Genie has a comprehensive Photo Mode.

The final announcement is for a new skill called Paint Skating. PixelOpus did not go into detail on the announcement; however, given the name, it seems like you will be able to skate on paint.

Concrete Genie is just one of many highly anticipated games releasing October 2019. Luigi’s Mansion 3, MediEvil, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Outer Worlds and more come out October. Start saving your money now.

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