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Video Game News Flash! HAWKEN OPEN BETA IS OPEN!



Rating: Teen
Platform: PC
Dev: Adhesive Games LTD

Alright, if you don’t know HAWKEN, where have you been in the past 3 or so years?

Here’s the quick run down.  We all know that shooters, MMORPGS, and PVP games have been out for a quite some time now, but there has always been a gap in the niche gamer markets.  That niche is mech games (giant robot fighting games).  They are never really done well nor are they done often. Back in the mid to late 80’s and early 90’s had the best mech piloting simulators with the famous Mech Warrior/Battletech (PC) franchises and stand alone games like Earthsiege/Starsiege (PC) and Metal Warriors (SNES).  But really, mech fighters are far and few between (to almost non-existent in today’s video game libraries).

The last few mech based games were on xbox and xbox 360.  The good ol’ Mech Warrior (Xbox) dual part series, one of my favorites being Steel Battalion (Xbox) and it’s 40 button 2 joystick and 3 foot pedal controller, and Chromehounds (Xbox 360) were pretty much the only slim pickings available outside of the Japanese giant robot genre (Armored Core series and Gundam series).

Which brings us back to HAWKEN.  I’m not really sure how much I can “legally” say about HAWKEN… I don’t know what their terms are on beta content spoiling is.  What I do know is that the open beta is now open!

Go to their website: HERE <— and you can play the open beta!

I’m really glad to see that the mech genre still has some enthusiasm and life behind it.  I also want to point out that the Mech Warrior studio is also working on a mech based MMO, but I’m not 100% up to date with the details on that game.

So gear up, get in your giant death bot, and deal out some punishment!

See you all on the battlefield,



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