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#TeamZombie attended a press screener of Ridley Scott’s latest foray into the universe he created over 30 years ago, and Mssrs. Adair & Harvey sit down with Miss Inlow to have a chat about it. It… isn’t pretty.

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ALIEN: COVENANT Is All About The Missed Opportunities

The latest entry into the ALIEN franchise is just about ready to burst out for all to see. Does it live up to the hype? Has Ridley Scott delivered a film worthy of the ALIEN name? Well… in a word, not quite…

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ROGUES GALLERY #39: Zombies, Lesbians, and Monsters

Lesbians! Fake monsters! Real monsters! And Zombies! The DC television universe gives us some decent (and not-so-decent) entries this week. But at least there were zombies.

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Kansas City Comic Con 2016: Behind the ‘Bot – Tales From BB-8’s Puppeteer

Brian Herring, one of the pupeteers behind BB-8, on how he helped bring the iconic droid to life.

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