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Artificial Intelligence: Hawking’s Flaw

July 21, 2014


  A couple of months ago, Stephen Hawking published an article warning about the possibility of the rise of sophistication in artificial intelligence might mean the machines could soon enslave us all. When a scientist of Hawking’s stature says something, people take it seriously. It’s bad enough when so-called “experts” claim that in twenty years, […]

ONCE UPON A TIME There Was A Brief Showdown

April 12, 2014


Episode 316 “It’s Not Easy Being Green” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] There was a witch, a queen, a funeral … and a Tom Baker scarf! So there was this glowing green (radioactive?) cyclone that dropped a baby. The kiddo was found by a peasant couple who managed to deduce that it was a girl in spite […]

ONCE UPON A TIME There Was A Split Personality

April 5, 2014


  Episode 315 “Quiet Minds” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] Rumpelstiltskin is back, but what about Neal? And what’s with all the filler conversation? Emma went to the diner prior to it opening in order to meet with David, Mary Margaret, Regina, and Hook. They had one of their this-is-for-the-audience-in-case-they-weren’t-paying-attention discussions about what was going on. In […]

ONCE UPON A TIME Things Got A Bit Hairy

March 29, 2014


Episode 314 “The Tower”  [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] So this time they tried to make a horror film, but with more hair! So Charming was in a castle and walked into a nursery, apparently Emma’s. Seems impossible. Then a fully-grown Emma showed up in a ball gown and wanted him to teach her to dance for […]

ONCE UPON A TIME The Family Tree Got Even More Complicated

March 22, 2014


Episode 313 “Witch Hunt” As if the family tree wasn’t complicated enough, it now is even more complex. Plus, a shout out to the Lollipop Guild! We’ll get to those in a bit.  But first … So the Wicked Witch is in the Evil Queen’s castle going through her stuff. And the convoy of heroes […]

ONCE UPON A TIME They Reset The Reset

March 12, 2014


Episode 312 “New York City Serenade” It’s been a rather long wait for new episodes of Once Upon A Time. These split seasons can be rather annoying. Then there was some sporting event in Russia that set everyone back even further. So now that Regina pushed the Reset button at the end of the mid-season […]

Super Heroes Part 2: Strong ‘N Tough

January 9, 2014


As I stated in Part 1, we’re going to figure out how to make some real-world super heroes. To begin looking at creating powers, let’s start with two things that are almost obligatory in the comic book world. Let’s look at how to make heroes super strong, and how to make them super tough. The […]

Super Heroes Part 1: Beyond Transhumanism

November 28, 2013


We are living in the dawn of the new age of transhumanism. Tattoos, hair dye, piercings, and colored contact lenses are giving way to a new breed of body alterations. We’re beginning to see cybernetic enhancements as well as genetic experimentation. Will we soon see the age of super heroes? (Note that I am using […]

Circumventing The Regeneration Limit

August 11, 2013


So the next Doctor is going to be Peter Capaldi. Although I think he will be a good Doctor, I have a hard time seeing it, and probably will until I actually see it. (For everyone who lives under a rock, sorry for the spoilers, Sweetie. You should really come to the surface more often.) […]

Cyborg Uprising Part 4: The Committed Cyborg

August 8, 2013


In our quest to explain the possibility of a cyborg uprising (okay, so we’re trying to create one), we have established a definition for what constitutes a cyborg, figured out that the computational ability is either close or already available, and looked at how to create a cyborg without removing body parts and replacing them. […]

Cyborg Uprising Part 3: The Non-Committal Cyborg

July 9, 2013


Now that we have defined in Part 1 what a cyborg is and established that the computer processing power is available  in Part 2, it’s time to start creating a cyborg. First off, we’ll look at bionics that don’t require any sort of surgery or implantation. Think of it as transhumanism for those with commitment […]

Cyborg Uprising Part 2: Computer Power!

June 10, 2013


Between the mid-1980s and early ’90s, I had a Commodore 64. It was a fun computer and lasted me a long time. It had twice the amount of RAM needed for NASA to send men to the moon and back. Then I stepped up to a 486 at 33 MHz. It blew the C64 away. […]

Cyborg Uprising Part 1: Rise Of The Machines

April 24, 2013


Cyborgs have gotten such a bad rap in the media. Movies, television, books, comics, and the like all seem to focus more on villains such as Darth Vader, Cybermen, and The Terminator. They somehow take attention from such good cyborgs like Steve Austin, Iron Man, and Robocop. This kind of discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated in […]

Santa Part 4: Felony Gifting And Entering

December 24, 2012


Here we conclude our scientific speculation as to whether or not Santa Claus could actually exist in the real world, as laid out in Part 1. In Part 2, I tackled the existence of a village at the North Pole as well as Santa’s old age. In Part 3, I talked about the ability for […]

Santa Part 3: Around The World

December 23, 2012


In Part 1, I laid out a massive challenge. That challenge is to explain how Santa Claus could exist in the real world. Setting out on this challenge involves a whole lot of speculation backed by actual, or at least theoretical, science. In Part 2, I managed to explain both the North Pole Village and […]


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