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ONCE UPON A TIME A Marriage Turned A Bit Cold

October 19, 2014


  Episode 403 “Rocky Road” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand]   On last week’s episode, there were Will Scarlett, a magic urn, and ice cream!     I’m really liking Kristoff. He may not be a very smart character, but he’s got some back talk and a quick tongue. And he’s probably the only one who Elsa […]

ONCE UPON A TIME A Warlord Gathered Her Sheep

October 12, 2014


Episode 402 “White Out” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] On last week’s episode, there were an ice wall, lamb chops, and ’80s rocker hair! As if the soap opera that is Once Upon A Time couldn’t get any more complicated … At least there was only one story dancing around all over the place. Well, another story, […]

ONCE UPON A TIME Things Got A Little Frosty

October 5, 2014


Episode 401 “A Tale Of Two Sisters” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] This week, we have a marriage, a murder plot, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Snowman! Of all the story lines going on, let’s start with the biggest. While all the other stories seem to intersect with the fairy tales they’re based on, Once Upon A […]

Artificial Intelligence: Hawking’s Flaw

July 21, 2014


  A couple of months ago, Stephen Hawking published an article warning about the possibility of the rise of sophistication in artificial intelligence might mean the machines could soon enslave us all. When a scientist of Hawking’s stature says something, people take it seriously. It’s bad enough when so-called “experts” claim that in twenty years, […]

ONCE UPON A TIME There Was A Brief Showdown

April 12, 2014


Episode 316 “It’s Not Easy Being Green” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] There was a witch, a queen, a funeral … and a Tom Baker scarf! So there was this glowing green (radioactive?) cyclone that dropped a baby. The kiddo was found by a peasant couple who managed to deduce that it was a girl in spite […]

ONCE UPON A TIME There Was A Split Personality

April 5, 2014


  Episode 315 “Quiet Minds” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] Rumpelstiltskin is back, but what about Neal? And what’s with all the filler conversation? Emma went to the diner prior to it opening in order to meet with David, Mary Margaret, Regina, and Hook. They had one of their this-is-for-the-audience-in-case-they-weren’t-paying-attention discussions about what was going on. In […]

ONCE UPON A TIME Things Got A Bit Hairy

March 29, 2014


Episode 314 “The Tower”  [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] So this time they tried to make a horror film, but with more hair! So Charming was in a castle and walked into a nursery, apparently Emma’s. Seems impossible. Then a fully-grown Emma showed up in a ball gown and wanted him to teach her to dance for […]


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