ONCE UPON A TIME There Was An Unholy Alliance

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    [twitter-follow screen_name=’scifi4me’]           [twitter-follow screen_name=’Casquinha777′] Episode 407 “The Snow Queen” [Photos: Jack Rowand/ABC] In this episode, there were a shattered sisterhood, a giant hole in the wall, and Henry as an overdressed janitor. We finally found out about Helga. The story there was great at first. Some guy tried to abduct […]


    ONCE UPON A TIME Belle Lied

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    [twitter-follow screen_name=’scifi4me’]           [twitter-follow screen_name=’Casquinha777′] Episode 406 “Family Business” [Photos: Jack Rowand/ABC] In this episode, there were ogres, a purple rock, and an ice cream truck. So in this episode, we found out a lot more about Belle than we ever have before. We found out that her mother put material […]

  • Crossing the streams?

    ONCE UPON A TIME There Was Time To "Reflect"

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    [twitter-follow screen_name=’scifi4me’]           [twitter-follow screen_name=’Casquinha777′] Episode 405 “Breaking Glass” [Photos: Jack Rowand/ABC]   In last week’s episode, there were thievery, an ice bridge, and a Magic Makeup Compact. It’s nice to have an episode every once in a while that’s not convoluted and chaotic with multiple simultaneous sub-plots. There are only […]

  • Isn't he a little old to be an Apprentice?

    ONCE UPON A TIME Treachery Was Afoot

    Opinion, Recaps, TV

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’SciFi4Me’]   [twitter-follow screen_name=’Casquinha777′] Episode 404 “The Apprentice” [Photos: Jack Rowand/ABC] Catching up on our Once recaps! In this episode, we have a reattached hand, an eventful date, and more Fantasia references than you can shake a stick at! It would seem that Rumpelstiltskin is only the latest in a line of Dark Ones. In […]

  • Featured_HAL9000

    Artificial Intelligence: Hawking's Flaw

    Opinion, Rant, Science, Technology

      A couple of months ago, Stephen Hawking published an article warning about the possibility of the rise of sophistication in artificial intelligence might mean the machines could soon enslave us all. When a scientist of Hawking’s stature says something, people take it seriously. It’s bad enough when so-called “experts” claim that in twenty years, […]

  • Quiet_Minds_Cover

    ONCE UPON A TIME There Was A Split Personality

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      Episode 315 “Quiet Minds” [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] Rumpelstiltskin is back, but what about Neal? And what’s with all the filler conversation? Emma went to the diner prior to it opening in order to meet with David, Mary Margaret, Regina, and Hook. They had one of their this-is-for-the-audience-in-case-they-weren’t-paying-attention discussions about what was going on. In […]

  • OUATTheTower

    ONCE UPON A TIME Things Got A Bit Hairy

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    Episode 314 “The Tower”  [Photos: ABC/Jack Rowand] So this time they tried to make a horror film, but with more hair! So Charming was in a castle and walked into a nursery, apparently Emma’s. Seems impossible. Then a fully-grown Emma showed up in a ball gown and wanted him to teach her to dance for […]

  • Once_NYCSerenade_StorybrookeGang

    ONCE UPON A TIME They Reset The Reset


    Episode 312 “New York City Serenade” It’s been a rather long wait for new episodes of Once Upon A Time. These split seasons can be rather annoying. Then there was some sporting event in Russia that set everyone back even further. So now that Regina pushed the Reset button at the end of the mid-season […]

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