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October 18, 2014


Season 8, Episode 8 “Mummy on the Orient Express” “So you were pretending… to be heartless?” “Would you like to think that about me? Would that make it easier?”   It’s the quiet moments that really make me love this episode. Yes, I like the spin on the idea of a Mummy, especially since mummies […]

THE WALKING DEAD Returns! So Does Team Zombie! Yay!

October 16, 2014


Season 5, Episode 1 “No Sanctuary” Dustin: Laaa Laaaa la la la la… Timothy: What are you doing? Why are you so happy? Dustin: TIM!?! How did you get in here!! Timothy: It’s The Walking Dead Night. Did you forget? And good god man, where did you get all those chicken nuggets? Dustin: I… liberated […]

WHO KNOWS: Looking Back At The MOON

October 11, 2014


Season 8, Episode 7 “Kill the Moon” As we wait for tonight’s trip on the Orient Express (IN SPACE!), let’s take a look back at what has become one of the more… problematic episodes of the season, shall we? The problem with “Kill the Moon” isn’t that the science is awful, even though the science […]

WHO KNOWS: The Doctor And The Soldier

October 4, 2014


Season 8, Episode 6 “The Caretaker” With tonight’s “Kill The Moon” promising to have an event that changes the relationship between the Doctor and Clara forever, a look back at last week’s “The Caretaker” seems in order, especially since it primes the pump quite a bit for major changes in our Time Lord/Companion dynamic. There’s […]

INTRUDERS: Mr. Harvey Just Sighs and Shakes His Head…

October 3, 2014


Episode 4: “Ave Verum Corpus” Episode 5: “The Shepherds and the Fox” [Photos: Cate Cameron, © BBC Worldwide Limited] I want to like Intruders, I really do. There is so much talent involved with this series, so many actors I really love to watch, but the blasted story keeps getting in the way. And great […]

WHO KNOWS: TIME HEIST, or Capaldi’s Eleven

September 27, 2014


    Tonight we get the return of John Smith as the Doctor becomes the newest employee of Coal Hill school, but before that, let’s get caught up on my much delayed review of last week’s episode, shall we? After several episodes about the Doctor more than anything else, it’s apparently quite tempting – at […]

A Few Words From Mr. Harvey On SLEEPY HOLLOW

September 26, 2014


Season 2, Episode 1 “This is War” With Abbie trapped in Purgatory, and Ichabod buried alive by the son he never knew, all seems lost. Lost! There was a moment in this second season premiere, just a moment, where I was severely tempted to give up on Sleepy Hollow. It passed, of course, because while […]


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