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    Ellison Campaigns for Spinrad

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    [twitter-follow screen_name=’SciFi4Me’] Posted in the forum on his web site, Harlan Ellison is making the case for Norman Spinrad to be granted Grand Master status by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The SFWA, home of Ann Crispin’s “Writer Beware” forum, hosts the annual Nebula Awards and the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master […]

  • baedd0db-5e81-28e0-f104-56716f0132c6_TWD_505_GP_0626_0246

    THE WALKING DEAD: Harvey & Adair Seek HELP

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    [twitter-follow screen_name=’SciFi4Me’]  [twitter-follow screen_name=’TimothyHarvey’]  [twitter-follow screen_name=’TheNightDusto’]  [twitter-follow screen_name=’Creepy_Curtis’] Season 5, Episode 5 “Self Help” Dustin: Sophia II was on Once Upon a Time. I repeat, SOPHIA II WAS ON ONCE UPON A TIME!!! And she has sisters. RUN GIRLS RUN!! Curtis: And she’s playing the younger version of the Snow Queen… pretty apt casting. Dustin: […]

  • 827d089d-ec8c-942d-4b70-f599a2fedb92_TWD_504_GP_0612_0184


    Opinion, Rant, Recaps, Reviews, Spoilers, TV

    [twitter-follow screen_name=’SciFi4Me’]  [twitter-follow screen_name=’TimothyHarvey’]  [twitter-follow screen_name=’TheNightDusto’]  [twitter-follow screen_name=’Creepy_Curtis’] Season 5, Episode 4 “Slabtown” Dustin: We’re watching Once Upon a Time again. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Timothy: Yes we are, and I don’t know. Robert Carlyle is a good actor though. Curtis: Is this that Cinderella show? Dustin: Yes. It should be the […]

  • Doctor Who (series 8) ep 11

    WHO KNOWS: The WATERs Are DARK Indeed…

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    [twitter-follow screen_name=’SciFi4Me’]     [twitter-follow screen_name=’timothyharvey’]   Season 8, Episode 11 “Dark Water” “Who is Missy?” Oh, it’s SPOILERS all the way down folks… Welcome to “Dark Water”, an episode that is causing fans to scream “DAMN YOU, MOFFAT!!!” for reasons that I’ll get to presently, but I think everyone needs to take a (heh) Deep Breath […]

  • Doctor Who (series 8) ep 7

    WHO KNOWS: Looking Back At The MOON


    Season 8, Episode 7 “Kill the Moon” As we wait for tonight’s trip on the Orient Express (IN SPACE!), let’s take a look back at what has become one of the more… problematic episodes of the season, shall we? The problem with “Kill the Moon” isn’t that the science is awful, even though the science […]

  • Ep6-v3-final-LR

    WHO KNOWS: The Doctor And The Soldier

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    Season 8, Episode 6 “The Caretaker” With tonight’s “Kill The Moon” promising to have an event that changes the relationship between the Doctor and Clara forever, a look back at last week’s “The Caretaker” seems in order, especially since it primes the pump quite a bit for major changes in our Time Lord/Companion dynamic. There’s […]

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    WHO KNOWS: TIME HEIST, or Capaldi's Eleven

    Opinion, Recaps, Reviews, TV

        Tonight we get the return of John Smith as the Doctor becomes the newest employee of Coal Hill school, but before that, let’s get caught up on my much delayed review of last week’s episode, shall we? After several episodes about the Doctor more than anything else, it’s apparently quite tempting – at […]

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