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PROMETHEUS Roundup 2.27.12

What does the new photo reveal?

Entertainment Weekly was the first to run it. Then Bleeding Cool got it in digital form. Is that a tree frame-left? They’re obviously in a breathable atmosphere, and the writing on the wall would suggest some kind of structure and not a ship. Start your wild speculations!

Did Ridley Scott reveal something significant in a recent interview?

According to the site Alien Prequel News, the Hungarian site interviewed Scott recently, and the director allegedly revealed the character Guy Pearce will play in the Alien not-a-prequel-but-really-is. Using Google Translate, APN came up with the English version and found that Pearce will be playing Peter Weyland. Weyland, of course, is the first half of The Company – Weyland-Yatuni Corporation – that sent the Nostromo off-course to planet LV-426. [more at Alien Prequel News]

And in a different interview – in which he shot down rumors of Harrison Ford in the new Blade Runner – Scott did reveal that he’s considering a Prometheus 2. Now, how would that work? Does that mean there’s enough time between Prometheus and Alien that leaves enough room for more story? [Entertainment Weekly via Alien Prequel News]

In case you missed it, here’s the international trailer that Scott revealed earlier this month:


Actor Benedict Wong (who plays Ravel) was on BBC 6 with some details on his role in the upcoming film, talking about the look and feel of the sets. From his comments, it seems as if the new ship has a very familiar design and aesthetic… [via Den of Geek]

Idris Elba, who plays the captain of the Prometheus, is coy about his role, but he does acknowledge that the new movie has the DNA of the Alien franchise. It seems everyone is going out of their way to wink at us and say it’s not an Alien movie when it really is.

Michael Fassbender, playing the android, says the movie is going to be a “slow burn” (which sounds a lot like the original Alien). He tells IFC, “There are again sort of action sequences in it of course, but they’re there at the right time to serve the plot as opposed to just filling in another scene.”  [IFC Fix]

Co-star Kate Dickie reveals some plot details in an interview with The Star, and AvPGalaxy has a scan of the article here. [via Alien Prequel News]

Cinemart has photos of an alien head design, one that may feature in the new film, although it’s not clear exactly how. Could this be the Space Jockey? Or a different alien that we haven’t seen before?

The new Alien Warrior figure. (NECA)

Toy company NECA has revealed their new line of Alien collectibles.  The 2012 figures include:

  • the Aliens Warrior Xenomorph – 9″ tall, fully articulated
  • two Marine figures – one will be Hicks, but the other one is still a secret
  • 1/2 Scale Original Xenomorph – based on the creature from the first movie

… and a Prometheus line that will be coming later this year. No details on what the new figures will be, but it’s a safe bet the actors all had to sign off on their likenesses being used for their plastic counterparts.

NECA posted that they may be able to reveal some of the figure sculpts sometime in June 2012. And that includes the possibility of an alien queen in 2013.

[via Dread Central]

And you know that Aliens: Colonial Marines video game from Gearbox? Yeah. The one with the release date that got pushed back? Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford talked with Sid Shuman at Playstation Blog, and he revealed more details about the first-person shooter… including how it could tie in with the new movie. Plus, the game will take you inside the Space Jockey’s ship, also known as the Derelict. [via Dread Central]

And here’s the trailer:


And finally, we’ll leave this here for you:



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