POWERLESS Warms Up to “Cold Season”

POWERLESS meets a cold season, but how will Emily have to deal with Teddy’s cold shoulder after she goes behind his back with his new invention?

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A Little BAD BLOOD and a Lot of Mind Games on BATES MOTEL

Chick Hogan, wanna-be true crime novelist, may be in danger of outsmarting himself on the latest BATES MOTEL, which features a bit of outlaw Romero, a sad ending (?) for Caleb, and lots of Chick Hogan mind games.

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ROGUES GALLERY #50: Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Episode 50! Our discussion of the DC Comics television shows takes us to Earth-38 and the Flarrowverse as everyone takes the Stupid Pills this week… Plus: Aquaman, BLACK LIGHTNING news, and Vertigo’s legacy at… IDW?

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Norman and Mother Live La Vie en Rose on BATES MOTEL

While The Convergence of the Twain isn’t quite the epic clash of iceberg and Titanic described in Hardy’s poem, it does set several characters on the path towards inevitable conflict with Norman and Mother.

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ROGUES GALLERY #49: Supergirl’s Boyfriend, Emily’s Boyfriend, and a Big Gorilla

This week, the Rogues take on the Thing SUPERGIRL is doing with the Thing, and might POWERLESS be getting more solid on its feet? Plus: BLACK LIGHTNING, and the Batman movie has a director, but wait! His sidekick’s getting a movie, too?!

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GRIMM Builds a Monster

Tinkering with time or mortality also tinkers with morality. If you had the power to bring someone back to life, would you? What would it mean for that resurrected someone? And what if something goes wrong?

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