PENNY DREADFUL: Craft and Cunning are Effective Tools

The third episode of PENNY DREADFUL leaves us with a blood-soaked threesome, a werewolf fleeing through the desert with a witch, a furious Dracula and an enigmatic twist ending.

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PENNY DREADFUL: “You Will Not Like What I’m Becoming”

In this hour, Dorian and Lily make a new friend, Ethan lets out his wild side, Sir Malcolm doesn’t care for ships, Kaetenay has a vision talk with Ethan, Vanessa has a full session with Dr. Seward and Jekyll takes Frankenstein to work.

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H2O #45: In Which We Discuss News From the TCA Winter Press Tour

____________________ Time once again for the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, in which we get announcements and news for

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Comic-Con 2012: Let the swag giveaways begin!

Some of the swag being handed out at this year’s con may definitely be worth standing in those long lines to pick up! Check out some already-announced highlights of what will be available at 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

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