ZOMBPOCALYPSE NOW: TEEN WOLF – Now With More Zombie Nazi Werewolves!

It’s our #ZombpocalypseNow podcast and more of The Wolves That Are Teens! This week it’s Nazis, Hellhounds and Riders, Oh My!

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#TeamZombie is back! It’s our #ZombpocalypseNow podcast and more of The Wolves That Are Teens! This week, we’re talking about not one episode, but two!

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Recap: SHADOWHUNTERS Season 1, AKA “Jace, What Are You Doing?!”

Season 1 of SHADOWHUNTERS was full energy and excitement. From the introduction of the demon hunters to the formation of Malec, there was something happening every step of the way. Full recap of the entire first season.

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ZOMBPOCALYPSE NOW: TEEN WOLF – What You Need To Know About The Wolves That Are Teens

With THE WALKING DEAD shows on break, Mr. Adair brings us up to speed on his favorite show: TEEN WOLF! Fan of the show or know nothing about it, this episode will tell you what you need to know about the Wolves who are Teens!

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PENNY DREADFUL: Craft and Cunning are Effective Tools

The third episode of PENNY DREADFUL leaves us with a blood-soaked threesome, a werewolf fleeing through the desert with a witch, a furious Dracula and an enigmatic twist ending.

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