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Take a Facehugger Home with ALIEN: COVENANT The Official Collector’s Edition

ALIEN: COVENANT has gotten better reviews than its’ predecessor PROMETHEUS. How does the Official Collector’s Edition from Titan Magazines rate?

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Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror News — WEEK IN REVIEW 20 Feb 2016

WEEK IN REVIEW Feb 20 — the latest headlines from across the science fiction, fantasy, and horror landscape. STAR WARS, Stan Lee, BLADE RUNNER, DC Comics, BATTLESTAR GLACTICA, and more!

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Most Faithful Flash(?) & other Comic News

Here is more news (and a bit of commentary) from the world of comics! Most Faithful Flash?  – Many comic

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COMIC CON CARNE Vol. 2, Issue 2

Lots of news in the comics industry! New publishers, new titles, new creative teams! Image has a new guy in

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