H2O #132: In Which We Fix GOTHAM & FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, Then Design the Perfect Show


This week, we dip into the mailbag and riff off a suggestion from listener Dave, who asks us which shows we’d fix if we had the opportunity.

Mr. Harvey, fresh off a session of Zombpocalypse Now with Mr. Adair, has been stewing over the inanity of Fear the Walking Dead, and so takes his shot at both Fear and The Walking Dead with a focus on the lack of hope in both shows. And Mr. Hunt turns to Gotham, where the “fix” could very well be taking the show so far to the extreme side of crazy that it wouldn’t even be the same show anymore.

And then the fun begins: we design the “perfect” science fiction comedy series. All the elements that would make a fun romp, and we might even make the show a reality.

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