STAR WARS in Vanity Fair; Han + Jabba; New Fashion & Comics — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XLVII

Mackenna has the latest news and rumors about THE LAST JEDI, new comics, new fashion accessories, and new rumors about the solo (Han) Solo movie! Have your red cups ready!

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Episode 9 Restart! Mark Hamill Disappointed! Concerts! SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XLVI

This week: Mark Hamill had different expectations for THE FORCE AWAKENS, and in the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death, what happens to the story? Plus: rumors about the Han Solo solo film, maybe some news at D-23, and fashion accessories for when you go to the SW concert in NY?

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STAR WARS Episode VIII Begins Filming

Disney and Lucasfilm shared this announcement: production on STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII has officially begun, with Rian Johnson directing a cast that now includes Benecio Del Toro, Laura Dern, and Kelly Marie Tran.

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