D23 Expo News! THE LAST JEDI might change everything? — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode LI

Mackenna brings you all the latest STAR WARS news from Disney’s D23 Expo: HAN SOLO teases from Ron Howard, LAST JEDI and its impact on the Skywalker saga, and more!

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Dark Side Toast! No Mara Jade? Footage at Celebration? — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XXXXV

Episode 45: host Mackenna Riley serves up the latest STAR WARS news and rumor — with a side of Dark Side Toast! What might we see at Celebration? Woody Harrelson said what? And what are the plans for General Leia Organa?

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Recap: STAR WARS REBELS – Hera Goes Home and It’s Not Pretty

This week, we finally get some time with Hera Syndulla as she takes for herself a personal mission to rescue her father, retrieve a cherished family heirloom, and evade the clutches of the Empire.

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