STAR WARS in Vanity Fair; Han + Jabba; New Fashion & Comics — SALACIOUS CRUMBS Episode XLVII


Salacious Crumbs is SciFi4Me’s up-to-the-minute news & rumor program about the Star Wars universe. Tune in every other Sunday at 6pm CST US for a brand new episode!

This week on Episode XLVII:

00:22 – The Last Jedi in Vanity Fair
01:47 – New details from The Last Jedi
02:09 – New casino planet details
02:41 – The clumsy stormtrooper search
04:07 – Shopping: Geeky tikis
05:09 – New Her Universe merch
05:27 – New Loungefly accessories
05:55 – Cassian Andor prequel comic from Marvel
06:48 – Mace Windu comic from Marvel
07:33 – preview pages from the new Darth Vader #1 from Marvel
08:22 – Jabba the Hutt and Tatooine?
09:19 – Woody Harrelson talks Han’s mentor
10:04 – The Last Jedi rumors about Luke’s gear, plot details?
12:00 – Disney Japan teases major plot twist event
13:05 – Naming your kid? How about Kylo?

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