Happy National Dragon Day!

In honor of National Dragon Day, a little history and small list of my favorite dragons.

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Film Review: FANTASTIC BEASTS Is the Hufflepuffiest Movie

The latest foray into Rowling’s wizarding world is very much a movie about (and for) Hufflepuffs.

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H2O #106: In Which We Discuss the (Stupid) Things Found on the Internet This Week

This week, we take a look at a few items of note from the Internet. What makes them noteworthy? The fact that they demonstrate just how stupid and uncareful people can be when it comes to making comments that shouldn’t ought to be made.

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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell: Manipulations and Tyranny

Episode 3: The Education of a Magician Dirty. Gritty. Palpable.  Susanna Clarke’s 19th century world of England has tangible substance,

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