New Series of Harry Potter eBook Shorts Announced

Even though the mainline Harry Potter series ended several years ago, the brand continues to produce more and more content. Pottermore Publishing, the company that owns the digital book rights to Harry Potter and its many spinoff titles, including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, announced a series of audio shorts that are known as A Journey Through.

The first of these books, called Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts and Harry Potter: A Journey Through Potions and Herbology, shall be released on the 27th of June. The release dates of the other books in the series, called Harry Potter: A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy and Harry Potter: A Journey Through Care of Magical Creatures, do not currently have release dates, though the publisher assures they shall come “soon.” The books shall release simultaneously in English, French, Italian, and German languages.

This series of eBooks are adaptations of Harry Potter – A Journey Through A History of Magic, which released in 2017. This book featured interviews with museum curators that put an exhibit of the same name together, discussing the real life magical influences that inspired the Harry Potter series. These books are going to be similar in content, in spite of the publisher’s insistence that these audio books are to be smaller than A History of Magic, with each book covering a different influence on the worldwide sensation. Similar to the A History of Magic, these eBooks shall contain manuscript pages, notes, and sketches of the Harry Potter book series.

All four of these books are currently available for pre-order on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Apple Books, and Kobo. With the release of these four audio books and the new Fantastic Beast film that’s set to come out at a later date, there’s certainly no shortage of things for Harry Potter fans to get excited over.

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