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Geekly with a Twist: July 29th-August 4th

Hey everyone, Annaleigh again with your Geekly with a Twist for the week starting July 29th.  Although a fairly uneventful week as far as number of events, it’s a very geeky week to enjoy!

July 29th, 1957: The International Atomic Energy Agency is established.

July 29th, 1958: A year after the IAEA, NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is authorized by the U. S. Congress.

July 29th, 1972: The man who would later grace the world of geekdom as Wesley Crusher, Fawkes, an evil version of himself, and (returning to “Eureka” on Monday with fellow geek icons Felicia Day and Stan Lee) Dr. Isaac Parrish is born in Burbank, California.  (We here at SciFi4Me would like to extend an extra-special birthday wish to Wil Wheaton).

July 31st, 1964: Ranger 7, an American space probe, transmits pictures of the moon’s surface.

July 31st, 1965: Future inspiration to geeky girls everywhere, the talented writer Joanne “Jo” Rowling is born in Gloucestershire, England.  In case you’re not making the connection, Jo writes as “J.K. Rowling,” and is one of the richest women in England.  (I’m not telling you what she writes because, if I need to say it, you need to crawl out from under the rock you live!)

July 31st, 1971: Seven years after Ranger 7, men ride in a lunar rover vehicle (LRV) for the first time during the Apollo 15 mission.

July 31st, 1980: “The Boy who Lived,” Harry James Potter is born in Godric’s Hollow.  Yep, he’s real and nothin’ you’re going to say is going to make me change my mind.

Image from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

July 31st, 1999: Lunar Prospect, a spacecraft on a mission to detect frozen water on the moon’s surface, crashes into the moon.

August 1st, 1946: The Atomic Energy Commission is established in the U.S.

August 3rd, 1958: The Nautilus is the first vessel to cross under the North Pole.

August 3rd, 2004: NASA launches Messenger.  The spacecraft was planned to arrive at Mercury in March of this year.  It is currently in orbit around the planet and you can find more mission info here.

Photo Courtesy of NASA

August 4th, 1954: The uranium rush begins in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Personally, I picture a glowing Stinky Pete (from Toy Story), but I may just be a little too creative.

August 4th, 1977: President Carter signs a measure establishing the Department of Energy.

Image via Wikipedia

Liquid Uranium your Twist!

3 oz. Vodka

8 oz. Energy drink

Stir ingredient in a Collins glass with ice.  No garnish is needed, but a radioactive symbol slapped on the glass sure wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

Until next week, this has been Annaleigh Josephs with your Geekly with a Twist!

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