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Facebook Purchases Oculus

March 25, 2014


It was a bit of a shock to the gaming world when Sony announced “Project Morpheus” last week, its own virtual reality headset in development. The first question on many lips was “why not just work with Oculus?” After the news today, it seems that question has been answered. Facebook, you read it correctly, has […]

Welcome to Lawrence, Night Vale.

March 21, 2014


[Featured Image: Commonplace Books] Imagine, if you will, having worked at a convention in your hometown for three days only to have ended on Sunday to drive an hour away from home to sit in a theatre and enjoy a radio show. Welcome to Night Vale, readers. For the uninitiated, Welcome to Night Vale is […]

BlizzCon: Preview on BlizzCon Eve

November 7, 2013


Images Courtesy Blizzard. BlizzCon, the (mostly) annual event in which MMO giant Blizzard gathers masses of its fanbase both physically and digitally begins tomorrow (November 8th for those of you reading this past midnight). There’s a lot that we know, a lot of rumors floating around, and lots to be learned before the sun sets […]

Saturday Morning Post: GISHWHES

August 3, 2013


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m kind of a latecomer when it comes to most things. I also don’t bother to pay for cable or satellite (after all, I have Netflix and Amazon Prime), so I end up pretty behind on my TV viewing. That being said, I’ve tried Supernatural. I like it quite […]

World of Warcraft’s Inevitable Decline: What’s an Azerothian to Do?

July 23, 2013


As of the moment of this writing, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has been live for 8 years, 7 months, and some days. In this time, there have been two different American Presidents, three different British Prime Ministers, eight Japanese Prime Ministers (including one who pulled a Grover Cleveland on Japan), and three papacies. The 10th […]

Not 720 nor Inifinity, but One

May 21, 2013


In case you were wondering about Microsoft’s announcement today, here’s the basic details: It’s XBox One, not Xbox 720 or Infinity as previously reported as rumored on The Grid It’s super cool looking. Don’t believe me? It’ll be released “Holiday 2013″ There’s a lot of techno-babble about the new controller, but it looks pretty much […]

Saturday Morning Post: Morning Entertainment

May 4, 2013


Good weekend, everyone! It’s finally Saturday, that beloved day of the workweek in which one can curl up in their TARDIS robe with a bowl of Count Chocula and watch Saturday morning cartoons. Well, if you’ve got Netflix, you can watch some awesome cartoons. Or, alternately, you can curl up in front of your computer […]

Preparing for Free Comic Book Day

May 3, 2013


Free Comic Book Day is officially May 4th (yup, today if you’re on the East coast or here in the Central Time Zone, but I’m ahead of schedule for the Westerners!). Here’s what’s to look forward to for those of you hitting your favorite store in honor of the celebration: Gold Books Bongo Free-for-All DH […]

The Geekly with a Twist: May 3rd-9th

May 3, 2013


Well, what an eventful week. In case you don’t live here in the Midwest (as per us at headquarters), let me inform you: we’ve seen all four seasons this week! As I write this introduction, it’s snowing fat, downy flakes just outside of my window. You’ve got to love the unpredictability of the weather, right? […]

The Geekly with a Twist: April 26th-May 2nd

April 26, 2013


Hey all, another week has passed and we’re gearing up for Free Comic Book Day. What is FCBD, you may ask? Well, it’s a wonderful event which will be next Saturday, and you should check out their website for more info. So, without much stalling, onward with the history! April 26th, 1912: A.E. van Vogt, […]

Saturday Morning Post: Cosplay Level AWESOME

April 20, 2013


Convention season is in full swing, especially here in the Midwest, and the best part is it’s time to pull those costumes out of the closet. Cosplay, the costumed parade of characters at conventions,  has become the right of the nerd, and the rite of the nerd: it brings groups of people together. It breaks […]

The Geekly with a Twist: April 19th-25th

April 19, 2013


Hello again all, and what a week. While I realize this has been another historical week (unfortunately a most tragic one), I also realize the need for entertainment is paramount. Why not geeky historical entertainment? As such, onward with the history! April 19th, 1975: India launches its first satellite, Aryabhata, in association with the Soviet […]

Saturday Morning Post: The Ten Best Moments of Planet Comicon

April 13, 2013


In case you were living under a rock/not paying attention, last weekend was Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. Missed it? Well, here’s the top ten moments why you should be kicking yourself: 10. SyFy was there Okay, I know it doesn’t seem like much, but, let’s face it, it was super cool to know […]

Saturday Morning Post: Early Edition The Ten Things You Need to Survive Con

April 5, 2013


We here at SciFi4Me are finishing up getting ready for tomorrow, which is the start of Planet Comicon here in Kansas City. This year is going to be bigger and better than ever and the excitement is a palpable feeling of anticipation reeling through all of our senses. Since we’ll be live on the floor […]

The Geekly with a Twist: April 5th-11th

April 5, 2013


Hey all. Are you ready for Planet Comicon? I’m sure not. Of course, this means I could potentially be meeting Wil Wheaton himself within the next 20 hours. Holy moly. Super epic awesomeness. I know I’m also looking forward to catching a few previous contacts from our visit to Wizard World St. Louis and, of […]


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