GRIMM Builds a Monster

Tinkering with time or mortality also tinkers with morality. If you had the power to bring someone back to life, would you? What would it mean for that resurrected someone? And what if something goes wrong?

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PENNY DREADFUL: “You Will Not Like What I’m Becoming”

In this hour, Dorian and Lily make a new friend, Ethan lets out his wild side, Sir Malcolm doesn’t care for ships, Kaetenay has a vision talk with Ethan, Vanessa has a full session with Dr. Seward and Jekyll takes Frankenstein to work.

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Recap: SECOND CHANCE Gives a Palimpest to Its Formula

SECOND CHANCE — new episode recap from Kathryn: in this hour, a doctor is performing illegal disfigurement surgeries before killing his victims, and Jimmy takes the case after the FBI turns away from it. Meanwhile… betrayal brews at Lookinglass.

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