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Roundup 12.4.11 – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

TDKR Wraps

MTV has some details, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s tweet that production on The Dark Knight Rises has wrapped. And Christian Bale has also said that principle photography is over, and that it’s the last time he’ll wear the cape and cowl.

The latest edition of Empire has details about plot, which apparently takes place eight years after the events in The Dark Knight.

And Gary Oldman, in his last stint as Jim Gordon, says that this final installment in the trilogy is “just epic” in this interview with MTV.

TDKR on IMAX pre-M:I4

See what I did there? Director Christopher Nolan has confirmed that a prologue will be attached to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in select IMAX theaters nationwide. Not in every city. Collider has the complete list. And the prologue itself has received an MPAA rating: PG-13.

Speculation runs rampant as to what exactly will be in the prologue. Rumors are flying: Bane’s in prison in India and is rescued by ninjas [Ace Showbiz], another has Bane breaking the Bat just after the end of The Dark Knight [Comic Book Movie], and Total Film has still another possible scenario.

Meanwhile, MTV gathered some folks to speculate what could be in the preview over at Splash Page. And Cosmic Book News has what they’ve been told is the “official” synopsis of the film.


Total Film, Oct. 13 – video from the location of The Dark Knight Rises shoot in downtown Los Angeles

Also in LA, this video of a helicopter-assisted Batwing flying over the streets:




>>> has compiled a gallery of several on-set photos here, and they have BTS footage of an explosion at Carnegie Mellon here.

Comic Book Movie, Oct. 26 – photos of various picture cars and the etc. on the New York City location for TDKR. While the production was shooting near Zucotti Park, they did not include the Occupy Wall Street crowd for the 1,000-extra fight scene that took place on the streets of New York.

Buzz Sugar, Oct. 28 – photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a Gotham PD uniform alongside Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne

Superhero Hype, Oct. 28 – production on location at Trump Tower, which is playing Wayne Enterprises

Over on YouTube, “TheeDarkKnightRises” has posted this video of the production in Los Angeles:



The New York Daily News, Oct. 31: photos of the Batwing over an object that many have tentatively identified as Bane’s explosive device (say it with me: “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!”)

Moviweb, Oct. 31 – video of the production near the New York Stock Exchange, including a motorcycle chase sequence

Movieweb, Nov. 6 – imagery of the riot scene, along with Batman’s fight with Bane, with more at


Mattel has received an extension on the license for toys and other merchandise for the last film in the Dark Knight trilogy, as they did for the other two films. According to the press release, this deal extends also to the rest of the DC Universe. The press release even specifically mentions Hawkman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Arrow and Shazam. Could this be a hint of other films in the development stage? [Batman-News]


Hollywood Life has this “From one Catwoman to another” as they caught up with Michelle Pfeiffer and asked for her thoughts about Anne Hathaway as the new Feline Femme Fatale. And Shockya has this video of Hathaway talking about her role.

And Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character has been the target of much speculation and rumor, mainly fueled by the actor’s propensity to not talk about anything. But this entry from Cosmic Book News may put some of that to bed, showing his John Blake to be just one of the regular Joes on the Gotham PD.

Christian Bale talked about Bruce Wayne’s arc in this piece at Ace Showbiz. And in an interview with the Phillipine Daily Inquirer, he dishes about his co-stars. With especially good things to say about Gordon-Levitt and Hathaway (whom he says has the “hardest job” escaping the shadow of previous incarnations of Catwoman). He also confirms that this is the last time he wears the cowl.

And is Cillian Murphy in TDKR or not?



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