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H2O #9: In Which We Discuss the Latest on MAN OF STEEL 2


There are a lot of rumors floating around as it concerns the sequel to Man of Steel. Casting rumors, title rumors, plot rumors… but very little in the way of actual factual information about the production. We know it’s going to shoot in Detroit. We know some of the cast. We know GM might be working up a new design on the Batmobile.

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But other than a paltry few details, we have very little to go on. Which is why the Internet is a feeding frenzy of rumor and speculation. Mister Harvey and Mister Hunt go through a lot of it with analysis, speculation, and some wishes for the upcoming film.




What are your thoughts?

Denzel Washington as John Stewart? Jason Momoa as Doomsday? What would you like to see happen in the next installment in the DC Comics Movie franchise?



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