E3 Day 3: Fewer Reveals, but Just as Notable

Day three of E3 was pretty sparse in comparison to days one and two, but some companies still had some impressive content to share.


Capcom showed off more of Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The game is a prequel to Ace Attorney 1, and is centered in around Victorian Era Japan/Britain. Like the original game, it’s in the visual novel/puzzle genre, and focuses on mystery solving and plot. The game has a slew of new mechanics, like the ability to cross examine and question jurors, as well as the new “deduction” mode that lets players solve mysteries outside of the courtroom. The game follows Ryunosuke Naruhodo, an ancestor of the protagonist of the first Ace Attorney game, as he tries to unravel a major conspiracy involving a massive criminal organization with his detective friend, Herlock Sholmes.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles releases July 27th, only on the Nintendo Switch. The game contains both games in the Great Ace Attorney series.

Capcom also announced that Resident Evil 8 sold 4 million copies, and that each one of those 4 million copies will be getting free multiplayer in the form of a new gameplay mode called RE: Verse.

The new mode is releasing “sometime in July”. Resident Evil 8 will also be receiving more DLC, though no specifics have been given as to what this DLC will be or even if it will play similarly like the rest of the game..



Halo Infinite was confirmed to be getting a Beta Test this summer, via the Halo Insider program. Developers at game company 343 (Halo 4, Halo: Spartan Assault) said that, while the game “won’t be perfect” on release, because it’s a live service game, the game will surely be fixed soon after it comes out via patches and updates. There will also be an “assortment of tried-and-true UNSC classic” vehicles for players to use, alongside completely new vehicles used by the “Banished” enemies. 343 also promised that the game will be the “most approachable and welcoming” multiplayer experience in Halo history. Not much is known about the plot of the game at this time, other than the game being the “third chapter of the Reclaimer Saga”.

Halo Infinite, like the rest of the Halo franchise, is a sci-fi FPS game. It releases in Q4 2021, though no specific date has been given.

That covers day three of E3. We’ll keep reporting news as it comes out.

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