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What Are EUREKA Girls Made Of?

Episode 509 “Smarter Carter”

This episode is about what really matters to people.

Well, OK, it’s about Carter. But it’s also about expectations, and stereotypes, and making snap judgments and explosions.

Carter and Allison are settling into married life, and Allison’s brother (played by her for-real husband…erm) is coming to town to get a read on the Sheriff to see if he’s “good enough” for baby sister. Carter, of course, has already taken Allison to task for being embarrassed enough not to tell the family that she’s getting married (last episode), when zip-pow now the deed is done and everyone has to deal with it.

Which… gets easier(?) because Carter suddenly starts understanding what everyone is talking about, even surpasses people on the genius meter.


It’s another chance for Colin Ferguson to mix it up and do something out of character. Or rather, show us what kind of character Carter would be if he was super-brilliant: mainly, a goob who doesn’t give a rat’s patootey about anyone else because he’s been blinded by SCIENCE!

In the meantime, Zane and Henry take HoloHolly out of the house and out to Henry’s garage, where they set up the android duplicator from Exo III in an attempt to “print” a new android body to host HoloHolly’s consciousness. Only Fargo can’t know about it, because he’s getting too cautious. But HoloHolly is getting stir crazy with the whole “locked away as a hologram” thing and wants to reach out and touch someone.

So Zane and Henry make HoloHolly their hobby (sorry – had to) and are pilfering equipment while Jo runs interference so Parrish doesn’t figure out what’s going on and report it back to Fargo. Only that whole thing backfires (of course) as Parrish – overcoming his manliness that so overpowers Jo to the point of distraction (ahem) – reports the missing gear to Fargo, who promptly shuts the whole thing down.

Which is OK, because the android got its head blowed off when the brain chip couldn’t take the processing speeds necessary to hold Holly’s consciousness. Big boom in the garage, leaving the android with only half a head. Disappointment and sad faces. If only there was a chip that could handle the load…

Oh, wait. There is! Conveniently coincidentally enough, Sheriff Now-He’s-Supersmart Carter has developed just such a chip and put it into Andy. Naturally, this doesn’t go right, because it’s Eureka. Andy goes on a power binge, sucking energy from every source he can find, finally going so far as to try to take out SARAH’s power cells. Allison and Jo manage to stop him before he does too much damage, and they convince Carter to take the chip out of Andy before he has a meltdown.

Allison also convinces Carter to dumb himself back down, too. Y’see, turns out Kevin was worried about Carter’s acceptance into the Blake family. So the lad slipped Carter a super-cognition mickey, which reacted to Jack’s elevated zeta waves and made him all supersmart. (Handwaving. Just go with it.) Except it made him a total jerk – and not like Nathan Stark jerkiness, but more like … uhm… who’s a good comparison here?..

Part of this episode shows us what the girls are made of, as Allison and Jo both have to make decisions on what’s important and what’s not. Holly and SARAH have to make choices that could heavily impact their relationships with their respective boyfriends. All the while, I’m really trying to ignore the fact that Salli Richardson-Whitfield’s real-life husband is playing her brother. That gimmick just went creepy quick. It was distracting the entire time I’m watching the show. And that’s a bad thing, Eureka. Because it was a fun episode. And we’re one more episode away from Holly coming back in the pseudo-flesh.

Of course, then Fargo will have a robot girlfriend. And that’s not creepy. Is it?


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Jason P. Hunt

Jason P. Hunt (founder/EIC) is the author of the sci-fi novella "The Hero At the End Of His Rope". His short film "Species Felis Dominarus" was a finalist in the Sci Fi Channel's 2007 Exposure competition.

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