9 Ways to get ready for REVOLUTION’s return in March

Billy Burke as Miles Matheson in Revolution. Credit: Brownie Harris/NBC
Billy Burke as Miles Matheson in Revolution. Credit: Brownie Harris/NBC
  1. Refresh your memory by watching the last 5 episodes of the NBC drama for free on Hulu.com before Revolution’s March 25 return.
  2. Five full episodes too much for you? Watch a five-minute Catch Up with Revolution video recap of the season thus far.
  3. Download a special edition of the Revolution pilot episode with behind-the-scenes commentary from the shows co-creator Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau, the first episode’s director.
  4. View a two-minute promo for the show’s return, Revolution Returns! below from the NBC YouTube channel.
  5. Track the journey of the Matheson family and their friends across what used to be the United States with this interactive online map.
  6. Watch Revolution Revealed interviews with cast and creators on YouTube.
  7. Check out the six-part animated webisode series Wheatley’s Letters, which details Militia spy Corporal Joseph Wheatley’s undercover mission to undermine the Rebels. The webisodes are available on NBC.com, Hulu, and YouTube.
  8. Explore behind-the-scenes videos for more insight into the extensive technical preparation of the show, like Revolution: Creating Fight Scenes with Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe.
  9. Get a feel for the making of the TV series with photos of Charlie and company from the set of Revolution during the season’s first half.

Revolution has been taking a break since November, but last according to TVLine, this January chief of NBC Robert Greenblatt said, “The first episode back is a big episode that completely turns the story in a really significant way. It kind of sends the second half of the season off on a new trajectory.” Greenblatt added that one reason NBC wanted to keep Revolution off the air for a while was their desire to bring it back with a strong lead-in show.

Executive producers J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke didn’t seem concerned about the show’s four-month hiatus at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena in January. In fact, the idea to relaunch the series with fewer repeats pleased Abrams.

Annie Wersching
Annie Wersching to join Revolution. Credit: anniewersching.com

“I was enormously relieved because I felt like we were getting to a place for the viewer where it would be the best possible show,” Abrams said. The break also gave the executive producers “the ability to take a breath, look at what we’ve done and really analyze it,” said Kripke. “I think we did a lot of things right. But I felt like we could pick up the pace of the stunning revelations.”

Miles and Monroe’s relationship will get an added twist when 24 alumnus Annie Wersching joins the cast of Revolution as Emma, former love interest for both men, TVLine reports. This history behind this crucial love triangle is sure to heat up the already angry conflict between the two former friends.

Wersching joins two other former 24 cast members, Kim Raver, who plays Captain Neville’s Lady MacBeth-like wife Julia, and Leslie Hope, who will be taking on the new role of President Foster of the powerful Georgia Federation.



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